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December 28, 2017


After 5 summer seasons interspersed with dance band gigs, working men’s club residences, A spell touring and recording with Jazz Rock legend Gary Boyle, and some 12 months with Manchester Cabaret Band Zoot and The Fruit, I decided to change tack.

In order to stay home and work on my own music I became a club turn, this meant I could work 3 nights, along with writing arrangements , creating backing tracks and a bit o...

December 27, 2017

It was around Christmas time 1979. I was the resident organist at the now demolished Coppull Workingmen’s Club, in deepest Lancashire.

The committee would endeavour to book top line Artists for the festive period. This would usually compromise of a show band or a comedy show group. If this was the case, we, let me introduce Liam on drums, the resident musicians would have very little to do. We would play a few Christmas tunes to open the night, pla...

December 20, 2017



Harry the dog here, alternative names are H man, Harold, Harrington, H.D. and Come On!! amongst others.

A day with “Daddy” (Birchall) starts around 8;30 with him hobbling into the living room, it takes him a while to get going these days.

He was told he had something very serious, it turns out its only serious.

There I am, Harry the dog, carrying out my dog duties, lying on the sofa in a blissful semi-conscious state...

December 13, 2017



That’s me in the picture BC, and my friend Leslie. The BC is short for Bureau Chorus but most call me BC. Been with Birchall for around two years. I sensed something was going on when the polishing rag came out, stuff he had previously removed were reattached and minor faults repaired. Then he came in with camera and took lots of pictures. The Macpro said it had seen my pictures on Ebay. I now live with a nice cha...

December 13, 2017


Here as I self-promote it gets me thinking of all the possible routes I may take. I considered entering the world of crowd funding, nice people hand over their cash so I can ponce about in my studio for hours on end then use some of the cash to manufacture. All good so far. It doesn’t end there though, in order to entice enough people to part with said dosh, promises are made. Free CDs, signed CDs and posters personal appearances at...

December 13, 2017

See how quickly he tries to justify his work after the slightest criticism, desperate for support is how I see it “solitary listening preference” my arse, boo hoo. He has never understood why 10.000 people would jump up and down about anything, even Prince could not make him Dance.

 He did try and get down with the kids when forced to attend an after show on some tour, usually whisked away to a club in some European City. Finished up standing aroun...

December 13, 2017

Just got back from Blood tests and Aldi. Sirloin steak fried potatoes fried egg and peas for tea washed down with an Argentinian Red.

 I believe sections of my equipment have been commenting on my progress. In my defence, I produce music without any idea what will happen to it. It costs so much money and time to put an album of this complexity together it does not make rational sense to do it at all. Things I can guarantee, “Frangible” does not con...

December 13, 2017

Mac Pro 2015 to the present day

Just following on from my friend The Micro Moog. Its moaning on about being left out, remember its me that holds all of Birchalls ramblings, terabits of the stuff. This latest”Frangible” effort, its not the first title by the way, I have proof, is a well-intentioned comment on his crumbling ner vous system. I have tried to point out that titles like Corporate Bollocks and the gruesome Toilet Grief wont attract the yo...

December 13, 2017

MICRO MOOG 1980 to the present day

Hi I am the Micro Moog Synthesiser you can see in the picture amidst the chaos left by my owner.

He does use me in “The Studio” (a small side room) usually to create crazy unpredictable bleeps and whatever I decide to produce.

The last time he used me in a live setting, sometime in the early 80s, it was to play the synth solo in a covers band version of Nutbush City Limits. I wasn’t well and issued a sound like a ve...

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November 10, 2019

January 30, 2018

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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