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I am a previously owned Phillips Philichorda 4 Octave Portable Organ on display in The Chorley Organ Centre sometime in 1975. I, as you can see in the picture, am a handsome chap A light oak finish, built in speakers, reverb, and an output to connect to external amplification. Standing on four sturdy removable legs. I am also accompanied by a volume pedal.

He was always in, long unkempt hair dressed in Denim and trainers He would wonder in looking at the Organs on display, hovering longest over any used Hammonds. I noticed he had a Yes cloth badge sewn into the back of his denim jacket. This would be Keith Emerson had found it difficult to locate an Emerson Lake And Palmer badge so settled for the Yes one, it did the job of establishing his musical preferences to anyone who was stood behind him.

Once or twice he plucked up courage to start one of the Hammonds, the sound he heard was clearly the one he needed but these instruments where way out of his price bracket.

He looked enviously at the other double manual organs in the store. He then looked around for something that was in his price range. This is where I come in.

Now here we must interject.

It is important to mention the context we are in.

These are not made up stories; everything you read here is true. But, as is familiar with certain T.V. and film dramas. The identities have been changed to protect the people involved. Those involved will know who they are. Now, the main character needs a name or title., Writing “ my owner” or ”he” becomes tedious, so what shall we refer to him as? Dream boy? That’s essentially what he is, not very endearing. What we will do is narrow it down to the most influential person in his musical life. Who might this be? Keith Emerson? Emerson certainly played a great part in his early development, but not the first or most important. Or shall we move on to Joseph Zawinul, the brainchild and keyboard wizard behind Weather Report, again, as with Emerson, worshiped by our subject. Or since his discovery in later years of the great classical composers shall we refer to him as Ludwig or Wofgang?

Well there is no competition really, with our subject since his first musical realizations right through to now, here, right now. We will call him George. You fill in the rest.

George tried me out; I had many more facilities than his current keyboard. An extra octave and a fuller sound was enough to convince him I was the one for him. He was and is very excitable, impulsive and keen to get the new thing and start using it. Often ignoring the finer details and finding himself having to compensate for his purchases deficiencies.

The price, my price, I forget, but it amounted to some saved up pocket money a part exchange and maybe a loan off Dad. Anyhow off I went, as I was being carried from the shop into the Vauxhall Viva I’m sure I heard the part exchange shout out “ Cockroaches!!”…………………… T.B.C........

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