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In my defence

Just got back from Blood tests and Aldi. Sirloin steak fried potatoes fried egg and peas for tea washed down with an Argentinian Red.

I believe sections of my equipment have been commenting on my progress. In my defence, I produce music without any idea what will happen to it. It costs so much money and time to put an album of this complexity together it does not make rational sense to do it at all. Things I can guarantee, “Frangible” does not contain any thing from the Great American Songbook or any covers at all. It does not have any Christmas songs on it. Its honest (probably its downfall) It does not have any celebrity guests on it, unless you consider Keith Simon or John celebs, I do, but I do allot of things.

It’s an album, designed around my own solitary listening preference. I can’t imagine 10,000 leaping around to “Stress Sweat” one thing it is in 7/4 time so could result in injury and lyrics like “makes you smell like an ass” hardly lends itself to a good singalong. I will await a call from Later with Jools Holland, probably from their legal department unfortunately…..Tea was delicious…..Laters

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