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MICRO MOOG 1980 to the present day

Hi I am the Micro Moog Synthesiser you can see in the picture amidst the chaos left by my owner.

He does use me in “The Studio” (a small side room) usually to create crazy unpredictable bleeps and whatever I decide to produce.

The last time he used me in a live setting, sometime in the early 80s, it was to play the synth solo in a covers band version of Nutbush City Limits. I wasn’t well and issued a sound like a very out of tune stylophone. I was never taken out again.

I write today to announce his latest album. He is about to manufacture “ Frangible” all about his feeble nervous system and the alleged hell has has put himself through. You know the kind of terrible scenarios. Five Star Hotels, world travel, T.V. appearances Large scale concert tours decent money and largely decent people. But it seems he was only able to focus on his own insecurities. It’s a great album though, even though I only appear briefly.

It will be available on lots of sites for your consideration.

NOV 2017

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