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That’s me in the picture BC, and my friend Leslie. The BC is short for Bureau Chorus but most call me BC. Been with Birchall for around two years. I sensed something was going on when the polishing rag came out, stuff he had previously removed were reattached and minor faults repaired. Then he came in with camera and took lots of pictures. The Macpro said it had seen my pictures on Ebay. I now live with a nice chap in Warsaw, the journey was long and freezing, and I am sick of people going on about my weight.

My time in Chorley was pleasant enough. Birchall had ideas about getting all Jimmy Smith but even after forming a trio and booking a show he pulled out before a note was rehearsed, citing personal health issues, he’s an expert. I have regularly been played and recorded although I feel like a Steely Dan session Musician, one or two chords or notes make it here and there. Nice that he should play me on the Grotesque “Toilet Grief” I did have so much fun watching him remove the door frame to get me out, the same one he had to remove to get me in, particularly the bit where he trapped his finger between frame and wall, his reaction was shouting F*** O**!!!

At an invisible man.

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