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HOOTENANNY 2017-12-27 Part one

HOOTENANNY 2017-12-27 Part one

25 years of the Hootenanny. Filmed sometime in November if not before, sorry to break the illusion. Who do we have now, oh the bloody theme tunes clatters on. Bagpipes, comedy box, Jools and Jose, shuffling along like rest home residents. He’s lying, I mean how much would it cost to get Ed Shearan out on New Year’s Eve? It’s in Ruby Turners contract, the hootenanny clause, Jools is having a pianistic nervous breakdown. Hit the Road Jack…Trombone Shorty, what the boody hell is this, sounds like the sound track to a kids cartoon featuring a fat dinosaur, low budget, a trombone solo, a trombone solo, the kids will love it, no you don’t sound like Prince…... Jesse Ware, over there…well it is Panto season….Ooooo O O Oooo…It’s a blandishment, Soul light, over sing end …..dull.

Hes lying again, it’s probably a rainy Wednesday near Maidstone. I like Jo Brands starting stuff, the beat …oh is there a duck trapped somewhere , oh no it’s the sax, he’s a test pilot for autotune, I really don’t like Ska, if that’s what this wedding band are playing, its got a naïve optimism that winds me up , this sax player really is taking the piss..oy oy!!...

Beth Ditto, looks like a massive Christmas cracker with 1980s Barbara Dixons head stuck on top and Noddy Holders Feet down below. Fire !! how many times can we sing fire in consecutive musical clichés, this many. He is lying again, slightly embarrassing routine with John Culshaw, one line of bad harmony singing, nice.

Ed Sheeron, I got his album, it was a very distressing experience, this is no different , it sounds like a David Brent classic to me.

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