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As you will know, Birchall is a music producer. He likes to refer to himself as someone who produces music no one is really interested in. In the back of his mind he ends this statement with the words, as yet.

I mention this in order that the reader may make some sense of what I, the semi-conscious dog, witnesses.

Following on from his coffee and drugs breakfast he stumbles into the bathroom then stumbles out again some 15minutes later, In one of three states. Fully dressed, partially dressed or naked. The latter state is the most alarming one on many levels, if I get my timing wrong I could find myself dozing in the hall meaning he has to stride over me. The detail should be left to the imagination, sorry.

I am awoken from my dog slumbers by the sounds that emanate from the small room beyond the kitchen.

Some days I hear the same section of “music” over and over again, after a few hours he will invade my living room space. Sit at his laptop for a few minutes then return to the small room “studio” to play the same section over and over again. Occasionally he will play the monotonous sounds in the living room, this often only lasts a few seconds before he turns it off with a sigh and returns to the small room to continue the tedious process.

Other days he plays only piano. This varies from badly played classical pieces to long rambling improvisations which from where I am dozing can give the impression he has been eaten by the piano and he is trying to escape its jaws. TBC…

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