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I suppose as a critic I could well have given up on Combination Head and the institution behind it and resigned myself that another album simply wasn’t going to happen? Easy for me to yearn for such an event setting aside the needs and tribulations of the artiste though it was not until November 2017 that I received a call from my friend Paul Birchall, he informed me of an impending release of his new album. FRANGIBLE {N.O.P.A. versus Paul Birchall} is nothing which has gone before. Here is a bout of honesty in its many musical guises. I would suggest a clearing of the mind, a cleansing of the senses and immerse yourself in the fluidity and intensity between N.O.P.A, the man who reveals himself on social media to be a Victor Meldrew of Late night TV music critic as well as a man battling so many demons whilst dealing with personal trauma, to the man whom I know as Paul Birchall, a man soaked in musical talent, tall in stature who can kill in a glare. FRANGIBLE deals with the fragility of the human mind and body via many musical genres including Electro, Garage, blues and pop with the DNA of Combination Head present though deeply buried beneath the layers of fresh ideas. FRANGIBLE is Paul Birchall telling it as it is. The change of direction here will be a shock, make you smile and at times laugh out loud.

Steve Petch Nov 2017

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