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1000 CDs

1000 CDs

1000 CDs arrived yesterday. Not a selection, I’m not thinking of becoming the next HMV. But 1000 identical cellophane sealed CDs in digipacks with 12-page booklet, and a CD I assume.

I have not opened one, one thing at a time.

It’s my new album “Frangible” the one I have been gabbling on about for the last few weeks.

I feel very nervous. Not having listened to the tracks for several weeks, it could be I don’t like the mixes, or worse still don’t like it all. This last position enhanced by a pre-release review, from a close relative” I’m not sure if I am meant to like the first three tracks” “but it’s very good.”

Ok, loads of stuff could arise. Printing errors. Not a total disaster, although a misspelt wurd 1000 times is very annoying. I have noticed one error, the spine contains the year 2017, should be 2018, not many would have spotted this, they will now, I see it as a future collector’s item. Some of my previous releases are commanding £250, there is a sense of achievement to be had when you can’t afford your own CD.

I am sure I did not tick the cellophane wrapping option. When I say I’m sure, this is inaccurate as I probably did tick the relevant box, I’m not sure.

I suppose it will them fresh.

First contact, feels nice. Not sure what I expected from a glossy card though? Printing crisp, nice colours, printing readable without the need for Jodrell Bank. Booklet smells nice, like a new 1970s Littlewoods catalogue. Again, printing good.

Too listen or not to listen, a ridiculous question. Of course, I have to listen to it.

Pop it in the CD player, it fits! that’s a good start, track count shows as 9 so far so good. Things whizzing through my head right now, will it sound ok, I’m sure it’s too…will it skip? Has the factory mixed my files with Daniel o Donnell? that would give me a new audience and another collectors piece.


I have had to have a lie down. I’m back now, all is good, sounds great looks great, just got to hope others agree…..

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