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POST STROKE MUSIC “Disco for Cars”

I decided some weeks ago it was time to get on with producing some new music. As I never really have a plan its always a surprise. This time it’s a set of Moog led Disco/Funk themed tracks under the heading of “Disco for Cars” I am currently mixing/mastering ready for release. Optimistic it may be more successful than my last two, surely it can’t be less, but you never know. 5 original pieces featuring Simon Goulding (Bass and perc) Marcus Bell (Drums) Gareth Moulton (Guitars)

It has been very challenging, stumbling into my room, wrestling with my useless left hand, balance, coordination and extreme fatigue, still I must not grumble (I do, and I will)

“Post Stroke music producer still insists on creating music no one is interested in” It’s the future.

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