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During my time (40years) as a touring/gigging musician, playing all manner of venues from Stadiums to small pubs and clubs. The after-show comments where in the most complimentary. The most regular post show observation focused on my miserable onstage demeanour. Smiling and playing did not come naturally, and to paint on a “stage grin” I considered to be a lie. This along with not throwing my head back in a show of ecstasy every time I played a chord, or grimacing in pain during a solo led to someone saying I looked as though I was reading a book, the truth was I was working hard and was consumed by concentration .

Today we have the horrors of social media where we can observe DJs turning a couple of knobs, that in most cases make no difference, whilst gurning as if their knob twiddling has just saved the world.(not to mention raising your hands in the air)if I raised my hands—silence.

Electronic producers filmed in the studio nodding furiously to generic beats as if the four to the bar kick drum and a swingy hi hat is their invention.

Tedious unnecessary and very annoying, if you feel the ned to or gurn to justify yourself at least use a toilet seat.

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